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Talk Recovery Radio

Dec 28, 2015

while a handful of treatment are available to help opiate addicts, there are currently no options other than cold turkey for coke, meth, and other stimulants. ... some of the conversation of today's show

Dec 28, 2015

taking care of your yourself and your kids

Dec 28, 2015

Darlene Lancer talks about self esteem

Oct 15, 2015

All Bets Are Off: Losers, Liars, and Recovery from Gambling Addiction. By Arnie Wexler with Steve Jacobson Wexler’s compulsive gambling once spiraled out of control. Now after forty-plus years in recovery, he’s become a nationally known expert on gambling addiction.

Oct 6, 2015

Recovery from alcoholism, addiction, or codependency takes hard work, dedication, and perseverance. The struggle to stay mindful is a profound topic, but a new book proves it is possible to see the bright side of the things you struggle with while discovering that laughter can be a sign of healing.