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Talk Recovery Radio

Jun 10, 2021

This week on Talk Recovery Radio

This week on Talk Recovery Radio Ruth Spencer, author of "The Thirteenth Overdose: Parenting my son through FASD and addiction” is joined by her son Tim to talk about addiction in the family and the affect recovery has had on their family. Second on the show Dennis Berry is a best-selling author, national speaker, and coach and has been sober since 2003, Dennis is also the host of “The Funky Brain Podcast.”

The Thirteenth Overdose

Tim is an adult with drug addictions and FASD. Living on the streets, he overdoses so often the first responders know him by name. He steals to buy himself heroin. He serves time, breaches probation, and returns to jail. His health deteriorates. With broken bones, infections, Hep C and heart failure, Tim gains the help of police and other support systems to triumph over his addiction. In an honest portrayal from a mother's perspective, Spencer puts in the front seat of her family's daily struggle with her son's addiction.

About Tim:

My name is Tim.  I am 45 years old and father of 2.  I had an interesting beginning to my life.  I was born with FASD. Then put in foster care and later adopted by a very nice family at age of 18 months old. I spent my whole life with them. My FASD plays a huge part in my life decisions, both good and bad. But my family was always there to support me and hope one day I would  see there was a better way of life. It only took me 26 years of drinking and drugging, before I decided to sober up. I am coming up to 3 years sober in August. Now that I am sober I am seeing the perspectives of my family and friends, and how much my addiction affected them. I am very lucky to be able to spend time with my kids. It has been quite the journey.

Dennis Berry

Dennis Berry is a Life Mastery Coach and has been working with people worldwide for over 15 years. With modern technology, he can work with anybody anywhere via Zoom.

He has been sober since April 8, 2003 during which time he became a successful businessman, athlete, and family man. His journey in recovery helped him find his mission in life, which is to help others achieve inner peace and success, and master every area of their lives. Dennis knows what it is like to be helpless and hopeless with no positive direction. He was able to climb out of the gutter and transform his life and he spends his life helping others do the same. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and you are ready to make changes in your life, book your first FREE consultation today! You will see some light at the end of the tunnel.

“Funky Wisdom: A Practical Guide to Life”

About the Book: Author and motivational speaker Dennis C. Berry delivers his witty unique spin on our turbulent world along with a groundbreaking solution to navigate it that will transform your life, settle your mind, and bring you inner peace and success beyond your wildest imagination.

He shares his personal journey with raw honesty and shows how he was able to overcome alcoholism and drug addiction, health problems, financial difficulties, relationship issues and basically just deal with “growing up” a little later in life. You will learn principles that you can apply in every aspect of your life to help make you wealthier, healthier, happier, and wiser.

Funky Wisdom contains teachings from Taoism, Buddhism, and other ancient principles, along with modern day philosophy, spiritual principles, and solutions to living in today’s busy world. It is a compelling program that will transform you from the inside out and leave you with a blueprint that will guide you through the rest of your life feeling happy and free. It applies to anybody looking for more inner peace, success, and happiness.