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Talk Recovery Radio

Nov 8, 2018

Dave has recently released his book, “The Addicted Child: A Parent’s Guide to Navigating the Crisis and Chaos of a Child’s Substance Use Disorder.” To a dad of three children, words like arrested, and addiction were truly terrifying. One afternoon, Dave got a phone call that connected these very two words to his youngest child. Panicked, Dave set out to rescue his son. He came to lose control of his own life in the process. After years of struggling this distraught father decided it was time for new strategies and a new course of action. Dave decided to ride his bike for 100 consecutive days, which proved to be transformative. Dave shares the inspiration and clarity, he found on his bike rides, with parents facing similar struggles in – The Addicted Child. Also Nathan A shares his personal story of recovery from addiction and tells us how he lost the desire to use substances.