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Talk Recovery Radio

Apr 12, 2019

Happiness is more than just a feeling and also an innate intelligence. Happiness comes from within and is a right to entitlement for every individual. Happiness isn’t privy to age, gender, race, religion or situation. Happiness is an internal flow that you can ride in the moment or embrace as a lifestyle. Either way, happiness is a choice that happens in an instant and can last a lifetime. Happiness has always been subjective, personal and private. Now, it’s screaming out loud for attention. After four decades of aggressively toiling, building and ‘progressing’, it seems that many are experiencing the material and the money but not necessarily the happy that was expected to go with it. Once upon a time we could take happiness for granted. Now, to get happy you may have to focus on happy if you have any hope of experiencing it. Happiness is good for your health, your relationships and your spirit. It’s a natural source of strength, power and longevity. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had crappy caregivers, friends, bosses, acquaintances or experiences – anybody can choose to be happy. If you love with passion, you will hurt with passion. If you’ve endured great suffering, you can experience great joy. Ask the many who have suffered grave adversity and are now living happy. Sheena's personal story of recovery from addiction is our personal story segment of the show today.