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Talk Recovery Radio

Jul 16, 2020

Suzanne Thistle is a professor of Health and Human Performance at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire - Author of Chem-Free Sobriety: 101 Trailblazers share wisdom and insight about their natural recovery from substance use disorders Chem-Free Sobriety looks at 101 people in recovery with 1-49 years sober. They share their experiences of living life in the depths of addiction to living beautiful lives in recovery. The stories that comprise this book answer some important questions like: When did you start drinking or using drugs, and how did it progress? Looking back, when do you think it was mostly out of control? How are you able to not drink or use daily? What is your thought about medication-assisted treatment? Is there anything you want those struggling with addiction to know? What do you want lawmakers to know? Combining Suzanne Thistle's 20 years of professional knowledge and 101 people with lived experience, Chem-Free Sobriety gives a practical approach to recovery from alcohol and drug use disorders.