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Talk Recovery Radio

Nov 16, 2019

his Thursday on Talk Recovery Radio we have Joel Gotlib who is a former CTV News Anchor who found himself addicted to prescription pills. His whole story live Thusday 12pm PST. CTV News Anchor Battles Addiction Joel Gotlib sat alone on a queen-size bed in a four-star Miami Beach hotel room with a glorious view of the ocean and the beach. It was a warm, sunny day, but the drapes were closed, and he had headphones on, his eyes fixed on an iPad as he watched the same music video over and over. "Dad, I'm big, but we're smaller than small," the lyrics said. "In the scheme of things, well, we're nothing at all." His girlfriend had asked him to go outside for a walk. But he had refused to leave the room. “I went on this trip that was supposed to be fun and happy and healing, and it was none of that,” Gotlib said of that January day more than a year ago. “And I realized just how addicted I was to the pills. And I was scared I was going to run out. “I didn’t have anything booked for rehab. I didn’t know what to do next.” Personal Addiction Recovery Story Every Thursday we invite a person with lived experience to join us, hear Beau's story this week. Listen to Past Shows Here Talk Recovery airs live every Thursday at noon on 100.5 FM, Vancouver Coop Radio.   Last Door produces a weekly radio show having having conversations about the many pathways to addiction recovery.  To end stigma we must continue to talk about recovery.  Each week addiction recovery experts from around the world join us for an hour.   Talk Recovery is in its 5th Season, thank you to all our weekly listeners and guests.  Show ideas? email Live every Thursday noon to 1 pm on 100.5 fm On iTunes On SoundCloud On Youtube Facebook Live Powered by #NewWestRecovery