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Talk Recovery Radio

Dec 12, 2019

Talk Recovery Radio Talk Recovery Radio airs every Thursday on 100.5 fm in Vancouver from 12 pm to 1 pm, this weeks guests are: Replay Kris’s story, people who use drugs, their families need help too. Mother Kris had to find private addiction treatment for her son because the public system was not supporting her and her son’s needs. Her son is now 14 months clean. Recovery from addiction is possible, learn more by watching the video. Dancing and Addiction Treatment How Dance Your Ability can get involved with people who struggle with addiction. Dance Your Ability Therapeutic Movement Foundation is a not-for-profit organization offering music, movement & conscious dance programs to people who would not normally attend public classes, including the elderly, children, incarcerated, at-risk youth, mixed abilities, people living with: dementia, Parkinson’s, cancer, addictions, recovery and trauma survivors. Along with these programs we offer a training for movement teachers, health care professionals, volunteers & family members. dance therapy and addiction treatment Dance Your Ability programs & classes are warmly facilitated using the benefits of music and movement to create space for all to experience themselves in healing motion and collective joy. Programs infuse Trauma Informed Practices, a teaching style to effectively meet varying individual learning & physical abilities, simple stretching & basic group exercises, guided conscious dance and specifically chosen music to get everyone moving as best as they are able. Dance Your Ability can infuse existing programs or stand alone. The desire is to create connection. Music & movement create a joyful space where it is easy to achieve connection. All bodies respond to beat, and all souls respond to love. Dance your Ability facebook page Dance your Ability website Personal Addiction Recovery Story A mother’s recovery story though her son’s addiction. Each week we talk recovery with people with lived and living experience. This week we talk with a mom, whose son is recovering from his addiction. How does addiction effect the family.