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Talk Recovery Radio

Nov 5, 2018

Dr. Suzette Glasner addiction workbook, 7 Steps to Addiction Recovery This week on Talk Recovery Radio, we talk with Dr. Glasner, Dr. Glasner integrates the most effective addiction therapy techniques to bring you the Seven Steps to Changing Addictive Behaviors, an approach that takes the best of addiction science and explains it in user-friendly terms. “Glasner-Edwards has taken the very best of addiction science and turned it into common sense and step-by-step instructions. … this workbook will be as important for families and friends of addicted individuals as for those affected directly….A powerful and practical tool to aid recovery.” A. Thomas McLellanFounder and chairman of the board of the Treatment Research Institute, and former deputy director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy. Each Show includes a personal story, and this week’s guest is Courtnay K, Courtnay is a woman in recovery who is a newly mother. She has 2 years clean and is a bit part of the New West Recovery community.