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Talk Recovery Radio

Jul 26, 2019

Tim Fletcher is the Founder of Finding Freedom and has worked for 15 years in Recovery Centres in Winnipeg. Based on this hole in the system, he developed a new outpatient program in 2016 called RE:ACT, Recovery Education for Addictions and Complex Trauma. And the program has now come to Surrey! We opened here in January of this year. The program consists of Three Phases, which help people where they are at in their recovery journey. Phase One is an Introduction to Recovery and Complex Trauma, and will consist of classes, group therapy and counselling. Phase Two is designed to go deeper into Complex Trauma and beginning to learn new tools to deal with it. Phase Three is what we are most excited about, because we will be offering not just a long term support network, but we will offer them a chance to learn who they are and what they are good at, with job skills, life skills, relationship skills, parenting skills and learning different activities and hobbies.