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Talk Recovery Radio

Jul 29, 2021

Adrienne Cossom is a clinician with Gambling Support BC working at SHARE Family and Community Services in Port Moody. She is also the host and producer of the podcast, Fold em: Help for Gambling Problems. Whether you want to decrease or stop gambling or support a family member who struggles with gambling, Adrienne can help get you there. She has a graduate degree in counselling and has specialized in problem gambling for 10+ years. Counselling is free and confidential.

Fold em: Help for Gambling Problems is a podcast that features interviews with gamblers and their families, as well as counsellors with experience addressing this issue. It is produced and hosted by service providers with Gambling Support BC

Calvin will share his experiences with getting pulled into gambling problems while in recovery from an alcohol addiction. I can talk about behavioural addictions, with a focus on gambling and how gaming, internet use, shopping, eating and sex can also get excessive. He and I can share what we know about how to recognize the signs of cross-addiction and protect from this while in recovery.

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