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Talk Recovery Radio

May 27, 2021

This week on Talk Recovery Radio

This week on Talk Recovery Radio Dr. Daniel Barton joins the show to talk about The Nashville Ketamine Centre and ketamine infusion therapy, on the second half of the show Dr. Sheila Forman talks about the question "Do you use Food to Cope?" on Coop Radio 100.5fm and on Facebook Live.

Dr. Daniel Barton

 My name is Daniel Barton and I come from a long line of “Bartons” that have cared for the mental health needs of Nashvillians for over 3 decades. My father is a psychiatrist and educator, and one of the three founders of Alive Hospice.  My mother is a clinical social worker, marital therapist, who along with a few colleagues, was responsible for bringing the mediation movement to the state of Tennessee.  My brother practices psychiatry in Nashville as well.  I am honored to carry on this tradition by sitting on the frontier of a new and exciting chapter in psychiatry and being one of the few psychiatrists in the state to offer ketamine therapy for patients in the Nashville community and beyond.

Nashville Ketamine Centre

About The Nashville Ketamine Center: The Nashville Ketamine Center offers cutting edge ketamine infusion therapy for those dealing with treatment resistant depression of both unipolar and bipolar depression.  Ketamine offers fast relief of symptoms for those that have been suffering for too long.  We treat patients in the comfortable and calming environment of our Nashville, Tennessee office.  We also serve the communities of our neighboring cities of Memphis, Chattanooga, and Knoxville as well as the nearby states of Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, and Mississippi.

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Dr. Sheila Forman

Are you tired of gaining and losing the same pounds? Are you weary of starting yet another diet? Would you like a chance to change your relationship with food using a new approach based on both science and age-old wisdom? If yes, it’s time for you to learn the art of mindful eating. Mindful eating does not focus on weight loss per se, but rather on becoming more aware of patterns of inappropriate eating, and provides tools for making sustainable changes in these patterns. It is a non-diet approach, designed to increase mindful awareness of experiences related to eating and to decrease mindlessness and unhealthy habits.

Based on a foundation of daily mindful meditation, our mindfulness-based eating program, TAME Your Appetite: The Art of Mindful Eating, teaches you a new way of relating to yourself, your food, your eating and your body.

You will learn to balance your eating and experience true culinary delight and satisfaction.

As a result, you will find that you choose quality over quantity, enjoy food more, eat less, and end the cycle of deprivation, overeating, and guilt. As you gradually shift away from your current eating habits into healthy mindful ones, TAME Your Appetite becomes your path to peace with food and freedom from emotional overeating. You will go from policing yourself to honoring yourself. From mindlessly reacting to mindfully responding.

Weight loss is an inevitable by-product of naturally eating less food, which happens as you become more mindful of your choices, sense of fullness and taste satisfaction. By creating new day-to-day patterns of eating less food and sustaining these new patterns indefinitely into the future, your body will find its natural right weight. In time your weight will reflect what is right for you.

So, if you are tired of yet another round of diets, make a commitment to mindful-based eating and once and for all, TAME Your Appetite.

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