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Talk Recovery Radio

Jul 30, 2020

Love, The Drug: From the Trap of Addiction to the Freedom of Recovery - Addiction Book written by Dr. Hajela, Paige Abbot and Sue Newton Love, the Drug: From the Trap of Addiction to the Freedom of Recovery, is the third book following Addiction is Addiction (2015) and Addiction is Addiction Workbook (2018). Viewed from the perspective of Addiction as a primary, chronic brain disease that impacts all parts of a person’s life These are part of the obsessive, compulsive disease of Addiction, in addition to Addiction involving substances and problem behaviours. People who are in difficult relationships involving unhealthy behaviours such as control, manipulation, sex and lust, jealousy, or abuse may struggle when it comes to establishing boundaries and/or letting go of the relationship. Love, the Drug explores the symptoms and signs of Addiction in the realm of relationships and the components of healthy recovery. People who acknowledge having Addiction issues; people who are in a relationship with someone with Addiction; and healthcare providers will and this book full of timely information, clear explanations, and expert guidance.