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Jul 30, 2021

Building Healthy Relationships in Recovery

Chantal Jauvin is the Author of "Love Without Martinis: How Couples Build Healthy Relationships in Recovery, Based on Real Stories"

Chantal Jauvin authorAbout the book: Weaving dialogue, emotions, and introspection, Love Without Martinis shares the fears, joys, setbacks, and triumphs of couples as they find their way back to each other. In the tradition of storytelling, the readers follow the couples in recovery from substance addiction as they rebuild healthy and loving relationships. The common thread that runs through their experiences shows that true recovery requires much more than sobriety; it demands personal development and growth. Love Without Martinis also offers practical tools to readers to help them on their own recovery journey.

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About the Author

Author Chantal Jauvin About Chantal: Chantal proudly supports her husband’s sobriety. She is an alumni of the Caron Treatment Center Family Education Program. Her pathway to recovery includes Al-Anon, individual and couples’ behavioral counseling as well as numerous personal growth workshops. Chantal and William celebrated his ten-year recovery in February 2019 with a cycling trip in Myanmar.

Chantal is an international corporate attorney. She launched her career with Gowlings, a leading Canadian law firm. Her expertise grew from trade law to corporate and financial services law eventually taking on the role of General Counsel at a Fortune 500 global company.

Chantal embraced early legal assignments in Mexico, Cambodia and Russia. Keen to be more actively involved in decision making, she completed her MBA in the UK and joined Conair Corporation in the United States where she handled matters ranging from free trade zone manufacturing in Costa Rica to the sale of fast-moving consumer goods in Europe. By the time she became General Counsel at Western Union, she had negotiated a joint venture with La Poste in France, a deal with Banco do Brazil and new regulations with the Central African Banking Commission while living in Austria. She won the Creating Shareholder Value business award at Western Union conferred for the first time in the company’s history to an individual in shared services. She has mentored attorneys from Dubai to Mumbai.

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