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Talk Recovery Radio

Oct 8, 2020

THIS WEEK ON TALK RECOVERY RADIO noon to 1 pm every Thursday GUEST 1 Recovery Month Canada was VOTED NO in the House of Commons Member of Parliament MP Peter Julian joins us to tell us what happened. Motion M-40 calls on Canada to designate the month of September, every year, as National Recovery Awareness Month to recognize and support Canadians recovering from addiction and to demonstrate that recovery from addiction is possible, attainable and sustainable. On October 7 the Liberal Government VOTED NO while all other parties voted YES Member of Parliament Peter Julian brought the motion to the House of Commons – after months of hard work by volunteers across Canada, Liberal MPs killed the motion.  Why? Guest 2 Tribal Theory was created by Barbara Allyn, who has over 25 years frontline crisis response experience, as a way to identify individual responses to trauma, address real moral injury and speak directly to ‘what happened’ to someone, rather than more commonly what is ‘wrong’ with someone. This framework changes people’s story and understanding of trauma from a victim-based approach to a strength-based direction and focused growth. As trauma response approaches have evolved over the past forty years, it’s become clear that not all interventions are equal when it comes to real post-traumatic growth. Our new understanding of experiential trauma and phases of trauma recovery reveals unintended re-traumatization from one-size-fits-all treatments which can often create more harm than good. It is for this reason that Tribal Theory uses a de-colonizing approach to trauma, which means that, this framework addresses trauma from a global rather than a European or Western perspective.