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Talk Recovery Radio

May 2, 2017

This week on Talk Recovery, live at noon on Thursday, 100.5 fm Vancouver time. Diane Leslie Kaufman, MD is the founder and director of Arts Medicine for Health & Healing. She is a board certified pediatrician and psychiatrist whose specialty is child psychiatry. Dr. Kaufman has been honored for expertise in clinical care and practice of humanism in medicine. She is a poet, children’s book author, and an expressive arts educational facilitator. As an artist and healing psychiatrist, her goal is to transform trauma into life affirming creativity There are poem videos on addiction: Desperate Love. Please view and like her poetry video Also we will talk about healing from trauma, Dr. Kaufman is the author of “Bird That Wants to Fly” that inspired a children’s opera: followed by personal story… Personal story time will be Mike B “My father is an active member of AA, sober since 1980, I grew up in the AA culture, still give my dad his cake and periodically attend his Tuesday night meetings, have several other friends in the program. Happy to share funny stories of the “family recovery ” process and how we learned to “discuss it all”, learn to laugh… for past shows visit thanks for listening.