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Talk Recovery Radio

Apr 6, 2021

Recovery is the New Black, and Murder and Addiction

Guest 1 Recovery is the New Black

Michelle Smith is an author, of Recovery is the New Black, certified mental health and addictions counselor and virtual Recovery Coach. Sober since November 24, 2016, her recovery path is focused on honesty, self-love and forgiveness. She’s passionate about supporting women with tools and resources around substance abuse, mental health, bereavement, eating disorders, trauma and codependency. She lives in Washington State with her husband and two children.

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Guest 2  Personal Story of a Murdered Niece who struggled with addiction

My 22 year old niece, Shana Harris-Morris, was murdered on February 4, 2021, in her home in Surrey, British Columbia. Shana was in active addiction. Her killer(s) are still out there. I Am Shana’s Voice

Ryan Morris wants this to never happen to others, his niece was a kind person who struggled

Shana was taken from her home and placed in foster care by the Ministry in 2006. Although her parents fought to get her back, and I also applied for guardianship of her so she would not go into foster care. The ministry declined my request saying my home was not a suitable fit. The ministry never once visited my family home to do their due diligence.

Shana’s mom, tried to file a complaint with the Registry of Social workers but was informed that none of the individuals that were working on the case, were in fact registered with them. As a result, no complaint could be made.

Shana was diagnosed with a number of mental illnesses and disorders, several years after she was removed from her home by the ministry.

Shana began using drugs shortly after she was abused in the foster home she was staying at.

To hear the rest of the story tune in live this Thursday.

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