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Talk Recovery Radio

Apr 19, 2018

Sherry Gaba Author of The Marriage and Relationship Junkie: Kicking Your Obsession This book focuses on how to break the cycle of marriage and relationship addiction and live fabulously on your own or with a partner. We’ll explain how to go through the grieving process for a relationship without falling apart, how to define healthy boundaries, how to recognize the good partners and steer clear of the bad ones, and how to live fabulously on your own. That includes getting comfortable in your own skin, understanding why one person can never fulfill all your needs, and how to meet and make new friends. Addiction can sometimes ruin relationships with yourself and others. This show will focus on how to be healthy in relationships. Addiction in relationships can be healed. Followed by a personal story from Jared S who escaped the downtown eastside and found recovery, hear his story here.