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Talk Recovery Radio

Nov 19, 2022

This week on Talk Recovery Radio, Emily, Kiola and Lainy join the show to talk about Sober Mom Squad. The Sober Mom Squad is just as it sounds: a Squad of Moms who are already sober, those who are just dipping their toes in exploring an alcohol free lifestyle, and everything in between! Join us on Talk Recovery Radio's Facebook page streamed live Thursday from 12-1pm PST  

About Sober Mom Squad  

Sober Mom Squad was formed during the pandemic of 2020. Many moms found they were feeling disconnected and were drinking more than ever. Messaging around alcohol and motherhood was rampant. ​Maybe you're sick of the wine-mom narrative. Maybe you want to explore what an alcohol-free life looks like. Maybe you just need a community that isn't focused on boozing! We are women like you, who don't want their kids to grow up with a mom who needs wine to survive them. Our common goal is to raise children in homes where alcohol is not the focus, and help other women do the same.  

Meet the Squad!


 Emily Lynn Paulson is the author of Highlight Real: Finding Honesty and Recovery Beyond the Filtered Life, and the forthcoming Hey, Hun: Sales, Sisterhood, Supremacy, and the Other Lies Behind Multilevel Marketing (May 2023). She has given two powerful TEDx talks, both challenging the status quo of parenting, alcohol use, and feminism as we know it. Paulson has also been featured in major publications such as the Today Show, New York Times, Washington Post, The Seattle Times, Chicago Tribune, Next Question with Katie Couric, and the Tamron Hall Show. She resides in Central Oregon with her husband and their five children.


I’m a certified nutrition coach and sober community facilitator. After working for over a decade in the fitness industry, I pivoted my coaching to serve exclusively in the recovery and sobriety space. As a woman in recovery, I’m passionate about teaching my community how to use fitness and nutrition to support our sobriety. I’m currently working towards the California state license as a Peer Support Specialist and I feel so grateful to be able to live out my life’s passion in a community that is so important to me.  


I work full time as a marketer in the financial services industry. While I do very much enjoy my day job, I have a  passion for mentoring women in the recovery community. I have been sober since August 31, 2020; joining sober mom squad as a member at 90 days. I fell in love with the community and became a host 1.5 years ago. I have made the best friends through SMS and truly look forward to helping women every day. Sobriety, recovery work, and Sober Mom Squad has changed my life in so many beautiful ways.