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Talk Recovery Radio

Dec 30, 2019

Talk Recovery Radio airs live every Thursday Noon to 1 pm, 100.5 Fm Vancouver. This Thursday's Guests Guest 1 12 Days of Emotional Sobriety Sue Diamond, is teh founder of clinical director of the Good Life Therapy Centre which focuses on helping couples and individuals create loving relationship in the aftermath of trauma and addiction. Sue joins Talk Recovery Radio this Thursday to share tips on how to keep you emotional sober during the holidays and her recent blog, 12 Days of Emotional Sobriety. The Good Life Therapy Centre, Better your life and relationships in Recovery.  With over 40 years of combined clinical practice, the therapists at the Good Life Therapy Centre have helped hundreds of people overcome their struggles in sobriety, heal their trauma, and reclaim their love and connection as a couple. more details at Guest 2 Yoga of 12 Step Recovery Y12SR with Timothy Bang The 12-step model is a cognitive (talking, thinking) practice & yoga offers a somatic approach. The issues live in our tissues and y12sr model addresses the physical, mental & spiritual disease of addiction. ** all-inclusive, all levels and all A's are welcome!** We talk Recovery with Timothy and his yoga classes, tune in this Thursday. Yoga of 12-Step Recovery offers a rich and powerful framework for addiction recovery and relapse prevention. More details  Archive of all shows can be found here