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Talk Recovery Radio

Feb 20, 2015

The Twelve Step program of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has been a long-standing and trusted method of drug and alcohol recovery for more than 75 years, yet there is a continuing debate as to its validity of success. Many outspoken critics argue that there is no actual data or scientific evidence to support claims that the program works. Dedicated “twelve-steppers,” on the other hand, stand by the familiar AA slogan “It works if you work it,” meaning if you follow the Steps, you will indeed find the path to recovery. To set the record straight, internationally recognized clinical psychologist Joseph Nowinski, Ph.D., author of Twelve Step Facilitation Therapy (TSF), which is listed on the National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices (NREPP), reveals the studies and data that prove the Twelve Steps improve outcomes for those in recovery from the disease of addiction.