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Talk Recovery Radio

Apr 23, 2020

Guest One What Made My Family Ill? Author Sarah MacVicar explores what mental health professionals are increasingly coming to describe as Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD). As the youngest in a farming family of ten children, Sarah intuitively sensed all was not right during her childhood. In a busy family where there was little nurturing, affection, praise or support, she neither understood her fears nor had she any awareness or help in learning how to allay them. Despite a strong work ethic and a thriving career throughout her adult years she experienced difficulties with interpersonal relationships and addiction and found herself struggling to maintain a façade of normalcy despite the turbulence inside. This is a story that will touch all of us who have struggled with our self-worth, perhaps fallen into addiction and wondered if there isn’t indeed more to life than what we are experiencing. Join us for a talk about addiction, mental health and Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD) Guest Two COVID-19 and Vancouver's Drag Screen and Vancouver's LGBTQ2s Community The 35th elected Empress of Vancouver, British Columbia- The Mother Court of Canada, the 27th elected princess of The Greater Vancouver Native Cultural Society and Minister of Canadian Affairs for the International Imperial Court System - Heir Apparent and 2nd in line of succession to Queen Mother I of the Americas Nicole the Great. Empress Jaylene Tyme is a proud clean and sober First Nation trans woman and visible member of the Vancouver's LGBTQ2S+community. She is an inspirational public speaker and is featured regularly in documentaries and online stories furthering education on diversity. She believes that it is important to celebrate the power of community by contributing to the energy of our world with passion and positivity. We do this together for each other, with the opportunity to inspire and educate. Our identities, beautifully diverse and wonderfully unique. As one of Canada's premier celebrity impersonators, Jaylene Tyme brings glamour and sophistication to her uncanny character portrayals. A beloved mainstay in Vancouver's LGBTQ2S+ community, Jaylene is the headliner for the Sunday Drag review LEGENDS CABARET at The Junction night club in Vancouver, BC. She is on the roster for Tuck entertainment and truly loves to entertain and express her self through her artistry. During the day, Empress Jaylene is a celebrated makeup artist and Talent leader for the Pro artist boutique CurliQue Beauty- an extension of world-renowned Makeup and fashion college-Blanche Macdonald Centre. Her passion is to be part of the community as a leader in artistry but also an example that great accomplishment is achieved through authenticity, tenacity and hard work. The only limit is your imagination.