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Talk Recovery Radio

Oct 28, 2022

This Week on Talk Recovery Radio Lester Morse joins the show, Lester is the director of Rehabs UK and East Coast Recovery, an online tool to help people access addiction treatment services. Joined by Lester, Sojna Pewter tells her story of addiction recovery. Tune in on Talk Recovery Radio's Facebook live event, Thursday 12-1pm PST. Talk Recovery airs every Thursday from 12-1pm PST on 100.5 fm Co-op Radio.

About Lester

Lester has worked in addiction treatment for over 30 years. He founded a sober living project in Watford for 9 years before opening a 45-bed residential rehab in Suffolk for 15 years. He is currently the director of East Coast Recovery online and RehabsUK. Lester’s projects & community programmes have countless success stories!

Rehabs UK and East Coast Recovery

Rehabs UK  is a free and confidential addiction recovery support service. Partnered with a broad range of trusted clinics throughout the UK and in Europe, the Rehabs UK team work to find the best possible match for each individual at the beginning of their recovery journey.

East Coast Recovery opened its doors on the peaceful Suffolk coast in 2001 and since that time we have supported thousands of people and their families into recovery. Our residential side of the company closed its doors at the end of May 2022. Due to the pandemic and thousands of people turning to the online world we made the move to create an online rehab programme which enables more people than ever before to get the help they need. We are not only an online rehab but our treatment advisors work collaboratively with our sister company, Rehabs UK, who can help to direct individuals to the right residential rehabilitation center.

Rehab UK and East Coast Recovery Social Media Pages

Rehab UK

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East Coast Recovery

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Sonja's Story

Sonja Pewter used Class A drugs for nearly two decades and has been to HMP approximately 13 times for various offences from shop lifting to street robberies. Her last sentence was long enough for her to have the opportunity to think about what she wanted from her life and is where her journey into new beginnings started. Sonja left HMP for last time on the 4th of February 2006 and went to treatment where she lasted 9 days before being introduced to Lester. Sonja joined a mature AA fellowship in Watford whom she is forever grateful to and although she ended up using a couple of times from February 2006 to October 2006, she still attended meetings, got herself a sponsor and started working through the steps. She has been clean since October 1st 2006 and continues to be actively involved in 12 step fellowships and has been in employment since getting clean. Sonja was ECR’s Recovery Centre Manager working alongside Lester before leaving in June 2022 to begin a new adventure back in her old home town, Southend. She has bought her own house, gained her level 5 in Leadership and Management along with other studies and training. Sonja has been all around the world on lovely holidays and her relationships – daughter included are better than she ever imagined.