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Talk Recovery Radio

Aug 27, 2020

Guest 1 - Author Eric McCoy Eric McCoy, who is working to give a voice to those that have died from a drug overdose and advocating for those still suffering by sharing his story of pain and how he was able to use his suffering to achieve a success he never imagined. He is a certified counselor who has been working in the substance abuse industry for about sixteen years and has acquired an ability to reach people by his unique tactics that doesn't fall in the normal scope of treatment. He is a six time convicted felon who was facing fifteen years in prison in 2001 which is where he has impressed upon a conviction that, "no matter where you have been or what you have done, you can do anything you want if you are willing to fight for it." Pain, Failure and Misery are the Stepping Stones to Success is a story of triumph that only pain and misery could bring. It is a story of hope that is offered for our youth, our family and friends who are suffering from chemical dependency, for those who have lost loved ones as they didn't have to die in vain, and for clinicians who are seeking a way to think that may differ from the norm so we can offer tools to save lives. With an average of 7 Americans dying every hour from a drug overdose it is time we stop focusing on the reduction of supply, because it isn't working and focus on demand. It is time we do something and that time is now. Eric also has a PodCast called Recovering Through Highness, is a counselor and motivational speaker. Visit Eric's website for more details: Guest 2 - Kia Kadiri Kia Kadiri is a respected vocalist based in Vancouver.  For over 20 years her unique style has kept her in demand as a performer, instructor, facilitator and recording artist.  Kia has worked with organizations such as the Vancouver Biennale, Artstarts, Urban Ink and the City of Vancouver; teaching youth songwriting and the history of hip-hop culture. Kia shares her personal story of recovery.