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Talk Recovery Radio

Aug 9, 2019

19 years ago I found myself face to face with my own addiction. I was lonely, angry, afraid and consumed with self loathing. A kid who was once filled with a great deal of promise as a natural athlete, outgoing, funny and charismatic personality became reduced to being a guy with no ambition, no friends, no job, and was alienated from family. Even though I had come from a great family with unconditional support, care and understanding, here I was, this desperate drug addict, dying. One day my mother reached out for help and found a guy and, after meeting him, knew that he would be the guy to help me. This guy was what I like to call a straight shooter, meaning he told it like it was. He met with me and very quickly I knew I couldn’t lie to this guy, I couldn’t hustle him or pull the wool over his eyes. This guy was the real deal! I’ll never forget what he did for me, my family and my life, and thus it brings us forward to today.