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Talk Recovery Radio

Nov 25, 2022

This week on Talk Recovery Radio, Candace Plattor joins the show to talk about her book "“Loving an Addict, Loving Yourself: The Top 10 Survival Tips for Loving Someone with an Addiction”, also with the holidays coming up Candace will talk about loving and supporting an addict through the holiday season, one guest one full hour on Talk Recovery Radio. Catch the full show on Facebook Live on Talk Recovery Radio's Facebook page and on 100.5fm.

Loving an Addict

Loving someone who has an addiction problem is like being trapped on a roller-coaster of painful emotions. You never know what’s going to happen from one moment to the next. It can be like living a re-occurring nightmare that you can’t wake up from. The ongoing lies and the broken promises, the constant worry and fear, the dwindling hope that someday things will change. You know the story… It’s downright exasperating. Whether the addict in your life is your spouse, partner, parent, child, friend, or colleague, the goods news is there is a way to end your suffering and Loving an Addict, Loving Yourself: The Top 10 Survival Tips for Loving Someone with an Addiction shows you how. It doesn’t matter what kind of addictive behavior your loved one is struggling with. It could be alcohol and drug misuse; an eating disorder; smoking; gambling; an Internet, relationship, or sex addiction; or compulsive shopping and over-spending. All addictions have negative consequences for loved ones. It’s not news that many family and friends get caught in the “cycle of addiction” and don’t know how to untangle themselves from the spiral of destruction the addict is engaging in. Candace shows you that the key to changing this painful reality for yourself lies in shifting your focus from your loved one’s addiction to your own self-care. She shows you how to stop doing the things that are not only making your own life miserable, but which are also “enabling” the addict to continue on the path of destruction. However, thanks to this ground-breaking book you can now discover how to help yourself disengage from the ugly path of addiction. Loving an Addict, Loving Yourself Shows You How to Stop the Cycle of Pain and Chaos Loving an Addict, Loving Yourself presents a dramatically fresh approach to help you get off your loved one’s roller-coaster chaos of addiction, maintain your own sanity and serenity, and live your best life.

About Candace

Candace Plattor is an Addictions Therapist in private practice, where she specializes in working with the family and other loved ones of people who are struggling with addiction, in her unique and signature Family Addiction Counselling and Therapy Program. As a former addict with over 35 years clean and sober, Candace has learned that overcoming addiction is a family condition: everyone in the family is affected by addiction and everyone needs to heal. For more than three decades, she has been helping both addicts and their loved ones understand their dysfunctional behaviors and make healthier life choices.

The results Candace achieves have been astounding: addicts stop using and families regain their lives from the ravages of addiction. Not only has her success led to a waiting list of clients but she is a sought-after leader in the field of addictions. As the developer of the Love With Boundaries Family Addiction Counselling and Therapy method, Candace now works with her team of top counsellors and coaches, helping both the families and their addicts break the devastating cycle of addiction for good. If addiction is causing pain and suffering in your family, and you’re ready to do what it takes to reclaim your sanity and serenity so you can live your best life, you can contact Candace for a free 30-minute consultation.