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Talk Recovery Radio

Jun 17, 2021

Recovery Month Ontario By proclaiming the month of September as Recovery Month, the Province of Ontario recognizes that people and families across the province often face challenges related to their addictions and mental health but can recover and be treated effectively. While leaders and organizations across the global mental health and addictions sector mark September as Recovery Month, the Governments of Canada and Ontario have yet to proclaim this month to recognize and support Ontarians recovering from addiction. While Ontario continues its battle against opioid use and addictions, Recovery Month will increase public awareness of the types of addictions Ontarians face every day and encourage people to seek help.

By proclaiming Recovery Month here in Ontario, individuals and families affected by addiction may begin to realize they are not alone, and that there are many people and organizations willing to help them in their recovery journey. About Minister Tibollo For over 30 years, Michael Tibollo, has been a devoted husband, father, seasoned lawyer, and genuine advocate for the Vaughan-Woodbridge community.  Tibollo is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Psychology from the University of Southern California. Among his many accomplishments, Michael Tibollo is a distinguished lawyer with over 30 years of experience. Tibollo is married to Mrs. Silvana Tibollo, and is the proud father to three children.  For the last 10 years, Tibollo has also been working and advocating for Caritas, which is a residential, therapeutic community seeking to help those suffering from addictions and mental health. In addition, Michael Tibollo was instrumental in the creation of Italian Heritage Month in Canada.

Convergence Healing

This is Peter Bedard and I’ve been reflecting on what an amazing day I just had. I’m so blessed to be in a place in where I can assist people in creating life altering changes in their world and, most importantly, within themselves. You know how impossible it seems to heal at times? How some people live in fear of never being able to heal and end up relying on drugs and surgery to help them survive? Well, that was me. I healed myself of everything from chronic anxiety to arthritis, asthma, fibromyalgia, depression, sciatica, chronic allergies, constant pain, and I died (yup you read that right) and came back to a broken body, a mind trapped in fear, and a broken spirit. If you’re still reading then quite possibly you can understand at least some of these things. I’ve healed from all this and more and I can help you do the same. With a MA in Consciousness Studies and my extensive training in Hypnotherapy I have helped thousands of people find their convergence healing. For over 15 years I have worked with chronic pain (physical, emotional, spiritual). I have an expertise working with anxiety, addiction, and chronic conditions and in healing myself I developed a tried and true process for creating wellness that I’ve come to call Convergence Healing.

"Convergence Healing: Healing Pain with Energetic Love"

About the Book: Millions of people suffer from some form of chronic pain (whether it be physical, emotional, or existential), and this discomfort silently drains too many of us of our highest potential and our power. Living in a state of unending pain pushes people to the margins of their own lives and robs them of direct access to their most authentic, essential, worthy selves. Pain, ironically, renders too many beautiful voices mute; it cripples the body, leaving too many dancing souls lost. And nobody knows this better than Peter Bedard. One night, seventeen-year-old dancer, Peter Bedard, died in a traffic accident. The white-bearded messenger waiting at the gate of heaven sent him back to Earth with a task to help others heal. After a decade of debilitating physical and emotional suffering, Peter uncovered an empowered, new way of healing chronic pain without medicine—convergence healing. In his groundbreaking approach, Bedard invites us to look at our pain as the greatest source of wisdom we will ever have. Instead of medicating it, trying to break with it, or somehow outwit it, he invites us to surrender to our pain so that we may finally integrate our losses, our transitions, our heartaches, and our mortality and make peace with the everlasting truth of who, uniquely, we truly are. Through the author’s own near-death experience and other compelling stories and case studies, Convergence Healing offers a whole new body-mind paradigm for those interested in living a balanced, well-integrated life.

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