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Talk Recovery Radio

Jan 22, 2021

Jennifer and Tim talk about their Addiction Recovery and Treatment Journey

Jennifer speaks on her recovery about the hopelessness that she had for herself, it was not only her who did not have a belief that she was going to succeed in her recovery but also Jennifer’s doctors she had. Jennifer recalls one doctor who did not believe she was going to attain recovery at the addiction treatment centre Jennifer was at that he called Jennifer’s mother to tell her that Jennifer was not going to survive her addiction and she is a hopeless case. Jennifer ended up completing the addiction recovery treatment centre after one year and started being of service to other clients of the doctors who had an extreme lack of belief for Jennifer and her recovery.

Tim shares his story of recovery from addiction, Tim was arrested and sentenced to jail for 7 years as he overdosed while driving and hit a couple of cars and almost killed four people. While in prison Tim started his recovery journey from addiction. He took part in a therapeutic drug treatment program and did 13 and a half months in the program which was structured that built his foundation of recovery. On Tim’s 21-month recovery date his son overdosed and died and even though Tim was grieving his sons passing he continued his recovery journey and Tim went to a recovery 12 step meeting that night and the next thing he knew he was speaking all over America and he had a documentary on A&E called “The Dope Man”. Tim also wrote a book called “From Dope to Hope”.

Guest 2: Neil Pollack Author of “Pothead: My Life as a Marijuana Addict in the Age of Legal Weed”

Beginning innocently enough in his 20s, Neal Pollack discovers that pot makes everything – food, music, sex – better. Getting married, having a kid, and enjoying professional success do nothing to dampen Pollack’s enthusiasm for getting high. As cannabis grows stronger and more widely available, the expansion and acceptance of marijuana Big Business shadow Pollack’s dependence.

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