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Talk Recovery Radio

Dec 16, 2021

This Week on Talk Recovery Radio

This week on Talk Recovery radio April Angelini and Darci Murry joins us from Hooked Alcohol Free Travel Adventure to talk about Hooked and how to be hooked on healthy habits. Second half of the show Kathy Wagner joins us to talk about her blog "Four things grieving moms want you to know this holiday season" all of this can be watched on Facebook live Thursday from 12-1pm on our Facebook Page.

Hooked Alcohol Free Adventures

What is Hooked?

HookedWhen we say HOOKED we mean it! When you sign up for a trip with hooked you sign up for a trip infused with opportunities for self discovery. Our purpose is to get you HOOKED on healthy habits. We will expose you to as many healthy experiences as possible during this full sensory adventure we take together. What is full sensory travel? Being alcohol free heightens your awareness drastically:  Colors become brighter, food tastes better, touch is more intense. In this full sensory state we introduce the element of travel making your brand new experience in an unfamiliar place euphoric!  On every hooked adventure you will have a coach! Don’t worry there will not be hours of paperwork exercises and speakers.. Instead you will simply be exposed to hands on experiences that will propel you to the next level helping you mold into the very best version of you!

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The Team

About April Angelini:

Hooked on Travel My name is April, and I am a Certified Alcohol-Free Lifestyle Coach. I am also currently studying to obtain my Registered Holistic Nutritionists Accreditation.

I have always had a deep love for all things Health and Wellness but there was a missing piece. I would eat healthily (I am plant based), stay active and would still feel slow, tired and unmotivated. I never wanted to think that it was my love of wine (and drinking too much of it) that could have been the issue. When Covid hit, that's when things really went sideways. Too much vegan junk food, night after night of HBO and glass after glass of wine. I had that on repeat for a long time.

I never had the "rock bottom" moment. I was just DONE. Tired of feeling old and heavy, my self confidence was taking a big hit along with my health. Losing my self confidence was new to me. And then it kind of clicked -  you don't need to be an alcoholic to take a break from alcohol.

That was a lightbulb moment for me. So I got my act together and smartened up.

What started off by just " taking a break " evolved into something more meaningful and transformative. So I thought what if I just kept going? What if the break kept going and was a jumpstart to something deeper and more rewarding? My glow resurfaced, the spring in my step bounced back and my self confidence joyfully returned.

Ditching the wine inspired me to be there for others, and in June I received my Alcohol Free Lifestyle Coaching Certification, and created The Habit Shift. I also wanted to experience more meaningful ADVENTURE in life. I look back on all my vacations when the drinking started at the pool by 9 AM and just continued all day, every day. The constant feeling of being numbed on almost every trip hangs heavy in my mind. For me it was never just one drink. I could have experienced so much more on these vacations and made way better memories if the booze hadn’t been such a major player. I want a “do over''. “ It looks like I may be getting my do over after all… And you can too!

About Darci Murray:

Hooked on Travel My name is Darci,  I was literally born into the travel industry! My mother was a travel agent making some of my earliest memories looking at beautiful pictures in travel brochures while spinning the globe in her office to see where my finger landed. Once the spin was complete fate had determined my new bucket list destination and the research began.

When I turned 21 I Contiki travelled Europe from London to Greece. It was an awesome adventure I think??? Heck I was drinking… my soul focus was to see the sights at night and I can tell you this all the bars looked the same. Upon graduating from University with an Early Childhood Education diploma I quickly hopped on a plane to Hong Kong and taught there for 6 years!  At 30 years old I moved back to Canada and had the sole purpose of having matching cutlery… life in Hong Kong was very transient and the party needed to end. I wanted to establish roots. I got the cutlery, the house with the white picket fence and soon followed 4 beautiful boys.

In December of 2017 I gave up alcohol for good. It had turned into a coping mechanism for me that I no longer needed. I gratefully found the rooms of Alcoholics Anonymous and found the people in these rooms, and their stories instrumental to my development. Self discovery became my purpose. I had reached the end of my self destructive journey and wanted to be the best possible version of me. I became a sponge for Brene Brown, Tony Robbins, Russel Brandt, Mel Robbins, Glennon Doyle, Melody Beattie and Robin Sharma. Letting go of alcohol increased my passion for travel and for my now career as a travel agent! My level of appreciation for different cultures, flavors, landscapes, people, ceremonies was heightened and my desire to create optimal travel experiences for my clients purposeful. I honestly feel I have one of the most important jobs in the world helping people create memories.  Within minutes of meeting up with my now partner April and hearing her love for sober life I knew we had to do something together. We were both super passionate about our sober lives and the self discovery journey that lead us to being sober! Living sober is all about self discovery… HOOKED is simply the perfect marriage between sober living, self-discovery, healthy habits and purpose.

Guest 2

Kathy Wagner

Recovery MomHi, I’m Kathy Wagner. Here, I write about family, work, grief, hope, addiction, mental health, recovery, and finding joy. The stuff of my life, then and now.

You’ll find personal essays and creative non-fiction. All of the articles on this website are based on my life, but I’ve fictionalized some details to better tell the truth. Some scenes didn’t happen the way I describe. Some scenes didn’t happen at all. But, fact or fiction, they each tell a tiny sliver of my story.

I’m currently working on my first book, a memoir about recovery and unshakable hope.

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Four things grieving moms want you to know this holiday season

Way too many moms are grieving the death of their child this year. For the holidays, I decided I’d like to give every grieving mom the gift of compassionate friends and family. I truly believe that most people want to help, but just don’t know how. So I asked grieving moms what they wanted other people to know about them over the holidays. What did they need to feel supported? And I’m sharing their responses, so you can be better prepared to gift them with your understanding this year…

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