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Talk Recovery Radio

Nov 15, 2018

The Weight of a Feather chronicles the relationship between a mother and her son on his journey into the dark world of addiction. The book also describes his final recovery years later. Lynda Araoz is ruthlessly candid about the deception, betrayal, and violence inherent in the world of addiction, as well as the pitfalls and potholes on the pathway to recovery. The author balances out the weight of her family’s struggles with lighter moments of connection to the son she once knew and the absurdities they encounter along the path to recovery. The Weight of a Feather is a testimony to the enduring strength of relationship. It brings comfort and hope to others who are going through a similar ordeal and provides insight for those who wonder why recovery seems to be so elusive. Lynda urges a fresh look at the world of addiction and a new model for its treatment in light of its impact on families across the country.