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Talk Recovery Radio

Jul 9, 2020

Guest 1  SARA SOMERS, author of the book, “Saving Sara,” suffered from food addiction from age nine to age fifty-eight; she has been in food recovery since 2005. In a double life of sorts, Somers worked as a licensed psychotherapist in the San Francisco Bay Area for thirty-four years. After finding recovery, Somers moved to Paris, France, where she currently lives. She writes a blog called Out My Window: My Life in Paris. When she’s not writing, Somers volunteers at the American Library in Paris, enjoys the cinema, reads prolifically, and follows her favorite baseball team, the Oakland Athletics. Most importantly, Somers devotes time each day to getting the word out about food addiction and helping other food addicts. “Saving Sara” is her first book. It is an intimate memoir about her food addiction beginning in childhood and progressing throughout her adulthood. As her addiction progressed in young adulthood, she become isolated, masking her shame and self-hatred with drugs and alcohol. Time and again, she rationalized why this time will be different, only to have her physical cravings lead to ever-worse binges, to see her promises of doing things differently next time broken, and to experience the amnesia that she—like every addict—experiences when her obsession sets in again. Saving Sara is a raw account of Somers’s decades-long journey from addiction to recovery. This book showcases the challenges faced by food addicts of any age and the hope that exists for them all. Social Media Tags: Website: Guest 2 Personal Story Chris Hamilton is a hip hop artist in recovery known as ILL TONE. In May of 2019, he struggled with addiction since his early teens, he was released on bail from prison to Edgewood, the renowned treatment facility in Nanaimo, BC, Canada.  He is now 14 months sober and has rediscovered his creative passions, after having taken a 5-year hiatus as a direct result of chemical dependency. ILL TONE (Nanaimo, BC) - UP IN MY HEAD EP Stream on Spotify - Stream on Bandcamp - Download from G.Drive -