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Talk Recovery Radio

Miracles of Recovery

Feb 18, 2022

This week on Talk Recovery Radio we have 2 guests first on the show Harriet Hunter author of "Miracles of Recovery: Daily Meditations of Hope Courage and Faith" followed by Nicole B who shares her personal story of recovery from addiction. All on Talk Recovery Radio's Facebook page LIVE.

Guest 1

Sobriety on life's terms, regardless of what crashes in front of us. How do we maintain sobriety against the odds? What does it take to maintain the course? These and other questions are answered in 365-daily inspirations. Miracles of Recovery was written--not just for those addicted but for the parents, the spouse--anyone touched by the disease. Using the 12-Steps as its' foundation, Miracles of Recovery embraces a holistic solution as a practical approach for those who must face life on life's terms, clean and sober. Encouraging and thought-provoking, Miracles of Recovery inspires with Universal Truths, because once we know better, we do better. Miracles of Recovery will: •Show through example how to achieve long-term sobriety, regardless of what happens in your life. Encourage you to embrace healthy, positive thoughts by taking the necessary actions to reinforce this thinking...•Provide tools necessary to work the Steps and change your life. •Suggest, through exercises and solutions, methods to do life differently, •improve self-esteem and confidence, and embrace a profound sense of hope needed to succeed. •Challenge you to look at life from a higher, positive perspective. The author encourages the reader to embrace the belief that, regardless of the challenges life presents, NOTHING can change the course of recovery when you keep yourself, your sobriety, and your Higher Power first in your lives. The greatest Miracle of all is Miracles infuses hope where there was none.

About Harriet

Alcoholism and other addictions helped to create a 30-year journey into the darkness of sex, drugs, and alcohol. These obsessions served to stripped me of opportunities to succeed and rise out of my self-imposed hell. It took 30-years of trying to escape from reality to connect-the-dots to freedom and to find hope sufficient to find sobriety. It was about time. My name is Beth H. For the purposes of my book, my pseudo-name is Harriet Hunter. it was suggested I let you know who I really am. Since my walk into recovery in 1999, I’ve had one primary purpose: to show others how they can achieve their miracles with a vision and determination to never-ever go backwards one day at a time. I strive to be a conduit of encouragement to others in their disease of alcoholism and drugs of choice, by showing them what continues to work for me. Using practical tools, principles and promises as found in Alcoholics Anonymous and other literature, I attempt to mirror examples of how anyone can be free from the bondage of self, regardless of their situation. Employing a change of perception through the Steps, the fellowship and the village that is recovery, is what propels us forward. 

Guest 2

Nicole B Personal Story

My life before addiction... let's see... truth be told before my drug addiction I can honestly say now that I'm in recovery and know what addiction is that I was addicted to a lot of other things. I was always a very shy person so meeting people could be hard unless I was riding, and training horses or truth be told drinking.... I went to college for horse training, it was my life and my therapy since the third grade... when I was 23 I started dating a man who I had both of my boys with and I also married him... he was extremely controlling and mentally abusive... he loved to use my kids as weapons against me... about 7 years ago I finally had enough and found the strength to leave... he did not make it easy... about a year or so later I tried coke for the first time.... I was 30 years old.... my life went downhill so fast... within 6 weeks of trying coke I was shooting opioids and withing 6 months I lost everything- including my kids... I was so lost and broken... I used to stop feeling... I used to survive.... I just used... I was in active addiction for 3 and a half years... I was homeless at points... I robbed, I stole, I lied... I broke my families trust and lost all my friends- even the ones I'd had most of my life.