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Talk Recovery Radio

Oct 29, 2020

Dr. Meadows is an Honors graduate of the UNC School of Medicine and studied at Duke University Medical Center.  He later held faculty positions at both institutions.  He was recognized internationally for his work in cancer research, receiving both grants and awards.  He authored numerous scientific articles. His recovery from addiction to drugs and alcohol began May 7, 1997.  Since then, he has counseled many addicts and alcoholics striving to get clean and sober.  His observations and study over the last 20+ years form the basis for his book, A Spiritual Pathway to Recovery from Addiction, A Physician's Journey of Discovery. A Spiritual Pathway to Recovery from Addiction, A Physician's Journey of Discovery is the memoir of a group of physicians working their way through rehab for drugs and alcohol.  As they proceed on a course of personal self-discovery, they shared their frustration, their anger, and their fear. They were at the absolute low point of their life, and all they worked for was rapidly going down the drain. They didn’t want to be there, but if they were to have a life, it must start now. Foremost was the idea that living by spiritual principles would solve all their problems, including dependence on drugs and alcohol. Wrapping their heads around this new way of thinking was not easy.  To embrace this concept required a thorough psychological house cleaning. Old ideas and behaviors that fueled their using had to go.  New ideas about their relationship with a Higher Power and their fellows were needed.  It was the beginning of a process that must last a lifetime.