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Talk Recovery Radio

Apr 18, 2017

Taking the First Step: Daily Meditations for 12 Step Programs is designed to help persons in Twelve Step Programs to daily experience the new philosophy of life which Recovery represents, and to recognize the benefits of discovering and expanding spiritual awareness. The basic principles of Twelve Step Programs, like Alcoholics Anonymous, Co-Dependents Anonymous, Al-Anon, Narcotics Anonymous, Over-Eaters Anonymous, etc., are as old as recorded history. These principles not only form the working philosophy of Twelve Step Programs, but they provide a pattern for (1) Right living, (2) Overcoming difficulties, and (3) Helping us to achieve our aspirations. By working “The Program” at our own pace and in our own way; relying on the help and support of our Higher Power and others who also work “The Program”, we can change and be transformed. They include the following: