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Talk Recovery Radio

May 28, 2015

David Chaloner | Specializing in addictions and addictive processes. Finding help and facing up to the challenges presented by any confrontation with addictive processes is of itself a huge challenge. This little book is designed to help you simply START the process, by presenting perspectives and ways of exploring that don’t make you feel as if you need an academic background to participate. David Chaloner | Specialising in addictions and addictive processes. Any approach to a stranger regarding such sensitive and self respect damaging processes requires a rare and potent courage and this is respected and honoured. Working at your own pace we will find the space, place and time that enables you to find the answers you are capable of. I cannot fix you, but we may find a new way to perceive the essential character of the challenges. I cannot take responsibility for you, but we may find new ways to carry the responsibility that divests you of unnecessary burdens. I will not promise you ‘the answer’, but we may find a solution that gives you confidence to move forward I possess knowledge and a lot of experience that can be shared as a result of my interactions with individuals and groups, numbered in the many hundreds.